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Bidong Island (Little Saigon)

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 Bidong Island or little Saigon.

As the last of U.S administrators and officers left their Saigon on 29th April 1975,things began to change for the Vietnamese prople.million of people were displaced,orphaned and million suffered all through the next 2 decades.Little did we relise at the time,Malaysia was already feeling the ripples caused by the war.
There were many displaced victems of war,who were desperate to leave the country heading for a new life in neighbouring country many arrive on Malaysia land-praying that the Malaysia autorities would not send them back.they soon learn that if they broke their boat by crashing them onto rock in shallow waters,they could buy more time with the imigration official.the official had no choice but to house them in camps until proper documentation etc were issued.and the authorities agreed to allow camp to be set up for chosen camp location was Pulau Bidong near Pulau Redang.
Some 250,000 refugees filtered through this camp between 1975 and 1991 when the camp closed,all remaining refugees were relocated or were returned to Vietnam,all left abandoned now the structures of temple,school,a church and cemetery.
you can see the Island from Kembara Resort beach and we can arrange trip to visit the Island for site visit ,snorkeling or diving.

Comming soon foto of Bidong Island