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Boat entering river mouth/jetty
1 KM from Kembara

Tradisional way of making charcoal.
200 meters from kembara

Terengganu Endurance Village
Lembah Bidong 4km from Kembara



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Merang is 40 km north of Kuala Terengganu and is relatively off the beaten track of most visitors to the state,though easily accessible by road,locals however are well in the know of this"pristine beach haven" with loong stretches of tall coconut palms,golden sands,gentle surf and emerald coloured waters.
Nearby is the fishing village of kampong Merang by the river which weaves lazily through mangrove and pet swamps,and if you lucky at dusk,you may see thousand of firefly display their glittering light spectacle.
Merang jetty is the jumping off point to the magical island of Pulau Redang famed for its magnificent beaches and crystal clear water where in the shallows wild sea fish remarkably come to feed from hand.-Vitualmalaysia.

Shooting Range Lembah Bidong
3km from Kembara

merang jetty
2 KM from Kembara

veiw from Merang woterfront 500meters from Kembara
at the top is the balai cerap the only observatory located in East Coast of Malaysia.

Dragon fruit farm
3km from kembara

Kembara Resort Pantai Peranginan Merang,Setiu Terengganu Malaysia.